Hupkwondo is a Malaysian martial art founded by  Grandmaster Lee, Malaysia. Hupkwondo is the key to holistic health and practical self defense excellence. It was initially developed as a self defense art only, with a view to promote good health and all round fitness for all age groups, but now one version is introduced at school & university levels as a form of sport to promote the ideals of HUPKWONDO at the grass roots levels so that we can make the youth of the world strong, responsible and self reliant.

Hupkwondo is wonderful mix of the best of traditional martial arts and modern martial arts. It is a martial art with movements that are free flowing instead of rigid and jerky movements of traditional martial arts. The techniques and movements in Hupkwondo are derived from Kodachi-Lado (Japanese short Sword), Kendo (Japanese Bamboo Sword), Bokken (Japanese Wooden Sword),Wado Shimpo (Japanese formless art), Taekwondo, Karate, Kick Boxing and elements of modern street self defense. All long, rigid, tense movements have been changed to shorter, rounder, free flowing movement and the principle is ” maximum impact with minimum energy lost”.

Under the dynamic leadership of the Secretary General & Chairman of the Technical Committee of World Hupkwondo Council –Grandmaster Amit Bhargava and World Hupkwondo Council President David Madjrouh, the Council is expanding at a very fast pace and bringing all Hupkwondo Lovers under one Organisation which is free from politics and promotes goodwill and prosperity among all members.